Dear You

Dearest youman

There is an urgency

Start now with breaking down your walls

Start now with clearing negative energy

Start now with speaking your truth in daily life, and carry the consequences with grace

Start now with updating your emotional hygiene

Start now with daring to trust your autonomous voice regardless of authorities or guru’s

Start now with cleaning up messy relationships by cleaning yourself first

Start now with working shit out that you have been procrastinating

Start now with saying ‘no’ to obligations and bullshit

Start now with agreeing on things that aren’t worth the fight

Start now with holding your own wounded child, so others don’t have to do that for you

Start now with refusing to waste your magnificent energy on people or projects that don’t honour your value

We need your unconditional radiant energy for our common good

We need your radical love, your precious presence

We need your wake up call

We need your loving way of being in the world

While our current world order is falling apart

I call you

Because we become Whole