Who is Loes? (pronounce as ‘Luz’)

I am a woman who desires to live in a pure, honest and wholehearted way. After many adventures in life I sense a firm ground under my feet. All the inner struggles, intense (love)relationships,  challenging work experiences and my deep drive for meaning brought me so much. I feel home inside myself now. I feel my place on this earth.

I discovered that being hugely sensitive is also a gift. I realised that, for a joyfull life, the main person to love is myself. I know that I won’t find fulll ‘security or controle’ in the outside world. I found out that allowing ourselves to thrive as human beings takes courage. I know that safe, honest, heartfelt connections to people are one of the most precious gifts. I see that I can only be fully alive if I accept the Beauty and the Beast of life on this bizarre planet in times of transformation. With grace I take the consequences of living an adventurous, authentic and deeply connected life.

I love to guide you on your journey.


My ‘CV’

2011 Better Future | Project manager Future Leaders
2013 Verbindwerk | Own business
2016 Ondernemershuis Zeist | Founder
2018 Treehouse Tribe | Community builder
2018 Rippling.world | Founder

Fantastic collegues in the field of non violent communication

Marie-Cecile Widdershoven | empathieworks.nl | Amsterdam

Cara Crisler | crislercoaching.com | Haarlem

Christiaan Zandt | bisho.nl | Groningen

Yoram Mosenzon | connecting2life.net | Amsterdam

Frederic Georges | audeladesmots.fr | Toulouse

Mark Marijnissen | levenincompassie.nl | Nijmegen

Oriane Boyer | l’Art du Dialogue | Toulouse & Amsterdam